Christopher's Run


About Christopher

Christopher Lesta was diagnosed with Hunter Syndrome (or MPS II) in October 2004. He underwent an Umbilical Cord Blood Transplant at Duke University Medical Center in December 2005. It was exactly two years and one week post-transplant when Christopher passed away due to an infection that spread throughout his body to his heart.

Christopher was a true inspiration to everyone that crossed his path. When you looked at Christopher, you saw his strength. When you listened to Christopher, you heard his laughter. When you hugged Christopher, you felt his love. He has brought joy and happiness to the lives of many people.

Christopher always had a smile for everyone. He was known as “The Little Man with the Big Smile.” His smile would light up the room. If you were having a bad day, you just had to spend some time with him. Christopher reminded everyone to have fun. It seemed he could take on the world. He had so much love to share and so much more to give.

Christopher made friends everywhere he went—even at the Home Depot! Running around the store, Christopher ended up in the paint section. He loved playing the drums, so he started banging on the paint cans with his hands. The woman working in the section noticed and gave Christopher two paint sticks to use instead. I asked him to say thank you, but being his stubborn self, he said, “no”. The woman said, “that is OK…just his smile is enough for me!”

Christopher had the ability to touch a person’s life with just his smile! He was very special. He had a gift. And he used his gift without even knowing it.
Christopher’s spirit lives on in all of us! He reminds us to SMILE!

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